Classes Offered

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Crossfit class

Our bread and butter is our regular CrossFit group classes. We offer class times as early as 5am and late as 6pm. You'll have a different workout everyday guided by a coach. The purpose of the WODs are to get you stronger and more conditioned than you ever have been. 


Kickstarter course

This course is made for the "newbie" CrossFitter. It is a 6 week group course that prepares you for our regular classes. This is the perfect place to start with us if you are looking to try something new with a motivating and fun group. Courses start new in January, March, July, and October!  


Forever Young 55+ class

This class is for anyone over the age of 54 who wants to remain forever young. We have a different workout each session. The workouts are low impact that focus most on gaining range of motion and strength in every joint. We want you to be able to pick up your grandchildren whenever you want! 


Introduction Crossfit 1-on-1

If your schedule is extremely busy and you've never tried CrossFit before we offer 4 up to 7 Personal Training sessions to teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit and nutrition. This is our beginner course wrapped up in a few short sessions.