It's not just about sweaty exercising...

Picture this:

You walk in.. you see others along with you working out for the first time in a long time. You guys make through day one of treadmill intervals and jumping lunges, you sweat a ton. You think, yes I’m on my way of getting in shape. Next, you set a goal… you decide by 3 weeks you want to lose 10lbs and because you’re sweating and workout you are positive that it will happen. You start to see a little change, but you never received education about nutrition so you think just an hour 3x a week will give you the body of a superman/woman. A little time passes and some of your classmates disappear either because they are injured or they are bored with the interval routine, so now you have to keep yourself motivated. Your coach is cool but you start to believe no pain is no gain, and you wonder why your knee always hurts. You keep it together, but you know the next day you’ll probably have to run on the treadmill again…and mostly likely jumping lunges. Fast forward 6 weeks later, you look at your body and you’re disappointed because after all the countless hours of sweating a ton and running you don’t see much change so you, like everyone else, give up.

Now Picture this:

You walk in CrossFit Sopo Germantown… you meet a few new people in the regular classes. Two of whom have done CrossFit for a year, the other just like you...a newbie. You guys go through a warm up that promotes increased mobility… and you think, maybe this will help my knee. You tell the coach you have had knee pain. She assesses your movement and explains you to why you might have knee pain, she is not a doctor, but she offers to show you this stretch that might help. You appreciate it. You do weight training… yes with a barbell. You are a little nervous because you’ve never done this before. The coach reassures you that using the barbell helps keep your bones strong and helps build new lean muscle. You look over to your right and the two that have done CrossFit before have a lot of different color plates on their bars, but you stay with the barbell because your coach wants you to master the movement first. You feel okay with that because the other two classmates are cheering you on when you squat with the bar. Wow, you think, that doesn’t hurt my knee. As you finish the strength portion of the workout your coach reminds you that fitness is a journey and lifestyle. The goal of the journey is to take one day at a time to make yourself stronger in all aspects of your life. She says that today’s goal is to learn how to squat without your knee hurting. You think, okay I like the sound of that!

After an hour of a tough strength and conditioning session you are feeling stronger and more confident. You tell the coach and your new friends (after all they cheered for you) that you’ll be back tomorrow for a new and different workout! As you leave you think to yourself, there IS more to fitness than just sweating and getting your heart rate up.

And within the next few months you realize are doing things you never thought you imagined. You’re very close to your first pull-up! You sit down and reflect on the past few months at CrossFit Sopo Germantown you notice that you are developing tone in your arms and legs. Finally you feel confident that you will become the most fit you have ever been. You think, “I never want to stop doing this!”

Amanda EvansComment