"Not settling"

It was almost exactly 3 months ago when I was getting dressed for work one morning. I was really pumped about what I had on deck that day. I finished up my coffee and put on my jacket. The snugness in my shoulders and feeling of tightness around my waist immediately floored me.  


See, this was the largest jacket I owned.  When I bought it, I told myself it was just a temporary thing.  No way am I really moving up to that size! The sinking realitythe weight of the simple act of getting dressed triggered an avalanche in my mind.  


At first I considered that maybe I should just accept my fate.  Im so busy growing my business, with family/friends. Ill be too tired to add an exercise routine to my already packed schedule. Maybe I just have to let some things go. After all, it is ultimately this lie that led me down the path of gaining weight and giving up on my favorite hobby- mountain biking.


After a bit of negative thinking and beating myself up, I came to the conclusion that Im simply not a quitter. I had to fix it because I knew Id never feel like myself at this fitness level and size. I knew Id never be able to compete in bike races (a secret goal of mine) or keep up as I coach my kidssports teams. I believe everyone should be happy and comfortable in her/his own skin, and I just didnt want to settle into a life where I never would be again.


So I walked into CrossFit Sopo for the first time on a Saturday morning for a beginner workout.  Amanda and Mike were both really nice and it seemed like folks were enjoying themselves. I watched a group finish their workout. I started to feel like maybe it was going to be a little too intense for me, but decided to stay and see what I could do.


They walked me through all of the movements, and made sure that my form was good. I immediately noticed that they put safety before anything else. They scaled all of the exercises to fit my ability, which was awesome. If I had been at a gym on my own trying to figure things out, I probably would have just walked on the treadmill for an hour and avoided the weights like they were made of hot lava. Even with all of this really great 1 on 1 attention, I couldnt finish this workout.  I gave up with about 7 minutes left on the clock, feeling like I was about to die and probably looking like it too! I wonder if the coaches thought theyd never see me again!


But I kept going.


Very quickly I started feeling stronger, faster, and more confident.  Amanda helped me work out a nutrition plan that fuels me for not only my workouts, but my everyday life. In the workouts, I never feel like someone is pushing me too hard. I also never feel like Im not working hard enough. Having an expert on your side is paramount to success, and Ive grown to trust my coach as much as I trust my doctor.


Now, 3 months later, I mindlessly grab the same jacket out of the closet (hadnt touched it since that last time) and throw it on. I walk out into my living room to my husband laughing at me. Confused, I ask what hes laughing about. He tells me I look like Im playing dress-up with my dads clothes! The jacket that I could barely button just a few months ago now swallows me.  Its 3 sizes too big!

This post is by no means a declaration of arrivalof any sort. I still have a (life)long ways to go, but I know Im going to get there!  I just wanted to share a story from my own life, a little triumph, in hopes that it will help someone else make the decision to adopt a new and healthy lifestyle.

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