Picture this...

Picture this:

You walk into a traditional gym, you haphazardly walk around trying to figure out what you are going to do today. You are thinking maybe treadmill, or wait no… elliptical. You decide on the treadmill. Once you kinda get your heart rate up (maybe 5 minutes) you get bored. So then you look at the weights and other machines trying to figure out what you need/should try to do next… You have no clue if you are doing it right but you keep going. You wonder why this movement is hurting your back...Hmm. You do a few sets, maybe. Then you move on… and the next day you have to come back again and go through this exhausting mental effort to try to workout. This effort might last 2 weeks because you aren't seeing any results... 

Now picture this:

You walk into CrossFit Sopo Germantown you have a few other people show up and you start to chat and do the stretch of the day before class begins.  You are so nervous but right on the hour your coach comes over with a smile and ask you how you are doing because she cares. She discusses what the workout is of the day. She then proceeds to lead you through a warm up that includes helping your flexibility. As the coach goes over technique of the weight training that you are about to do you listen so you feel comfortable doing the movement. You may even get excited about trying a new movement you’ve never done before! As you begin, she makes sure that you are doing it right. Wow, you think. THIS IS DIFFERENT. As you wrap up the weight training (that she tells you will make you stronger and leaner) you learn what the conditioning workout is going to be. You look at the clock and you say wow, I did a lot in 30 mins! THIS IS DIFFERENT! After you go over the movements in the Metcon (conditioning workout) you do it. It may have only been 10 mins long… but you do it. And it kicks your butt. Some others in your class cheer you on as you workout, while your coach is saying, YOU CAN DO IT, keep it up! You leave with a sweat and a smile and a few new friends that motivated you to keep going. You get in your car, it’s only been an hour and you can’t wait to go back tomorrow. 

Now even now picture this:

6 months later. Your body looks better and feels better. You feel mentally stronger. You have more energy. And you are doing things you NEVER thought you could. You have a close group of friends that encourage and have a positive influence in your life… you guys might meet up on off days to have coffee. This could be a picture of your life, 6 months from now. And all you have to do is try. All you have to do is SHOW UP and FIND OUT what CrossFit SOPO Germantown is all about. It’s different than a traditional gym.

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