What's holding you back from trying CrossFit?

I’m going to just say it: You don’t have to be “in shape” to start CrossFit.

The phrase “being in shape” already opposes what fitness is really all about. In my opinion, being “in shape” means that you have arrived at a destination where you have reached an end goal. Some might think that "being in shape" means that you are competing at the highest level there is- for some it's participating in the CrossFit Games, maybe it's playing recreational basketball on the weekends and not feeling tired, or maybe for others it may be running a 5k without stopping.

Despite of your personal definition of “being in shape,” I want you to ask you one thing: What happens when you get there? Are you positive you are "in shape?" See, these questions present themselves because "getting into shape" shouldn’t be your goal because it’s vague and subjective. Instead, choose a goal that you can measure and control. Be as specific as possible. For instance, you may commit to a goal of coming to CrossFit class 4x a week this summer or losing 3” from your waistline by June. These specific goals allow you to control and measure your consistency and progress over time.

When people say, "I have to be in shape to do something like CrossFit," it's like saying "I have to lose 5 pounds before I buy any new clothes for the summer." If you are always living in the future it is hard to become motivated because you’re only focusing on the challenges ahead of you.

My advice: Live in the present!

So you gained 20 pounds, or you haven't worked out in years. Maybe you are addicted to ice cream diet coke floats, maybe you have 3 kids and no time, or you fractured your foot years ago training for a marathon. Despite whatever you believe your limitation is, don't let that limitation become your identity. An injury, an addiction, or a busy schedule should not define who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing as an awesome human being.

There is no destination to be reached; only a daily choice to keep trying things that you’ve never done before,  by doing workouts that seem super crazy and hard because, after all, you made a commitment to lose 3” off your waistline by June. This may make you uncomfortable, but you're pushing past any set limitations in your head. Once you start to conquer your doubts and fears, you will discover a new side of yourself that is ready to begin to be fit for life. But if you are always waiting to get to a destination before trying something new, before you know it, 5 years will have passed and you still haven't started. Instead, choose the present. Try now. Why wait?

You cannot become who you want to be, by remaining who you are. You have to grow, change, and adapt. So enjoy the journey, don’t so much worry about the destination. You’ll get there… slowly, each and everyday CHOOSE to work hard and grind on!


Amanda EvansComment